“We Absolutely will not top your tree.
Ask Us Why.”

We are an insured & Locally Owned Business in geneseo, IL Serving All of Henry County & Surrounding Areas

2 Brothers Tree Care Inc. is a family owned and operated business! We officially started our business March 3rd, 2010. Since then we have averaged over 800 tree jobs/ year. We are the most experienced and ONLY full time, fully insured tree company in Henry Co.! Many people ask.... Is there really 2 Brothers? Yes! Justin Redell is the primary day to day operator/ cutter. He runs the day to day crew and operations. Justin is a top notch tree trimmer and removal specialist with over 10 years’ experience as a professional. Stan Redell mostly handles the bidding and book work. However, Stan is also very well trained in trimming, removals and crane operations. There is no tree too small, too big or too dangerous for our well-equipped crews. We staff some of the most friendly and well trained guys in the area. They are a very important part of our company! We have 2 60' bucket trucks to access most trees. We also have some of the best tree climbers around for those hard to access trees. If you need your tree professional trimmed (not topped) or have a tree removal and stump to grind and would like a free estimate, please call (309) 945-5527.